We All Want To Change the World (Two Five Zero 23 011)

Paul Stark
2 min readApr 22, 2023


(As in that Beatles Song, “You say you want a revolution …”)

In support of “Here’s What We’ll Do: Practical suggestions for working toward a marginally Better Future”

Here’s this weeks 250-word post. I’m continuing with my review of material I’ve already written. This is from Chapter 18: Politics, Revolutionary.

If the rulers of our country didn’t approve of police brutality, it would have stopped a long, long time ago. It’s functional; and that makes me realize how much, emotionally, I don’t want to really accept that the brutality, greed, violence, theft, and exemption from the rule of law is entrenched, organized, and deliberate, and how extraordinarily difficult it is to change the policies that enable all that.

And then I think, I’ve spent more than 40 years learning about what’s really going on, and emotionally fortifying myself to deal with it, the cynicism, crime, and lying — how much more emotionally challenging is that for people who haven’t hardly prepared at all intellectually or emotionally to deal with such material?

And then I think, it’s guiding those people — which is nearly everyone that’s ever likely to be helpful with any real transformation — through a process of (dare I say it) increasing consciousness is the most urgent possible task facing us, a fundamental requirement of anything positive happening about any of the issues we all care so deeply about, and a task which has very few people better qualified or positioned than us to take it on. And that we should be thinking seriously about how to get that done in an organized and sensible way.