Process (Two Five Zero 003)

How do I want people to respond to these 250-word posts?

Good Question.

I want people to say, “What a very good idea, and not a moment too soon. Who knows, maybe it will end up making a difference.” Or even “end up making a real difference.” (Visit Revelations with Friends here)

And also say, “I guess I might consider making some kind of contribution to it.”

I mean to do this. I mean for this to become a real activity in the real world. As I’ve mentioned.

And I mean to build teams to help make it happen.

** If you’re interested in any of these areas, please respond to this post, or get in touch with me. **

Curriculum. I’m envisioning a series of topics, each presented as a three- to five-minute video with a facilitator guide. Maybe you have experience in teaching or related arts. These would be very basic topics, presented the history and current state of each topic without flinching. Like, American Empire, or Our Democracy, or Economics. I need help in choosing the topics, creating the material, and designing the actual program.

Learner Support. I’m envisioning a manual and a training course for the Emotional Support Mentors. Maybe you have experience in activism, therapy, sponsorship, or related arts. Which challenging emotions have your experienced on your own journey? How can we prepare people to help others on their journeys?

Communications. I’m envisioning campaigns to recruit group hosts, to promote the first attempts, sell the concept. Maybe you have experience in PR, advertising, communications, or related arts. We want groups to self-organize — with support — all over the place. We’ll have to appeal to people enough for them to seriously consider it, and then persuade them to go for it.

That’s it for now. I’m going to keep taking about Revelations with Friends, and keep working to create it. I know at least a few people who will eventually join me in making it a reality.

People working together to build something useful …