Pound This Down (Two Five Zero 23 010)

Paul Stark
2 min readApr 19


In support of “Here’s What We’ll Do: Practical suggestions for working toward a marginally Better Future”

I’m continuing with my review of material I’ve already written. This is from Chapter 7: Pound This Down.

This last week I’ve been reading some of my poetry — and I’ve been having unprecedented experiences of owning my voice and embracing what I’ve got to say — to appear before others unapologetically and undefended.

I was strongly imprinted in my early years by one circumstance or another with a very deep fear that being noticed by others would lead to violence, banishment, annihilation. I’ve had to train myself (with a number of people who helped me and I’ll love forever) over the course of all my subsequent life to get over that.

What, after all, is more opposite to a shrinking violet than to write a book all about how to save the world? (Imagine if it started making a difference.) It’s key to this whole enterprise that I’m able to appear to the world as the rockstar so many have told me over the years I have the potential to be. My plan is to step into history bringing with me just what the world needs just when it needs it.

I’ve been feeling the urge to burst into tears far more than usual. Part of that is feeling the whole span of my life laid out ahead of me and behind me. My father’s 96th birthday would have been last month. He was the first and in some ways most effective pounder who ever pounded down my nail, however modestly it stuck up.